3 key steps to achieve efficient EDI transformation

  • 1Strategy
  • 2Processes
  • 3Implementation

3 étapes de la transformation e-BusinessStrategic Innovation : digitization means creation of a new Customer experience

Digitization of commercial processes helps your company better serve customers, but you should first think about the new strategic position you set up via the e-Transformation. Firstly, you identify new markets and the needs within those markets that your company can meet. So, you may want to rethink your business model and targets, the whole company marketing and/or sales approach

In that way you can take advantage of Strategic Agility & Innovation.

We help you assess the benefits of new positioning, the impacts of web marketing and internet sales on your ecosystem (competitors, partners, customers, new entrants ...), we help you re-invent a new business model and figure out the consequences if you do not change. We design new commercial processes: what are the new products and services your company should propose ?

Go for Strategic Innovation :
it is affordable, you get quick wins and long term benefits, while using solid méthodologies

Bleu Ocean Strategy, Vision Shaker, Strategic Agility ... : we have fine-tuned best-of-breed strategic management methods to embrace eBusiness specific challenges. We facilitate collaborative workshops, develop synergies and teamwork. The plan and approach are tailored to support you in achieving your ambitions.

Collaborative workshops, Strategic Innovation: foster initiatives to support shared ambitions, develop new markets, create unique customer experience and develop loyalty

Process optimization ? How to assess potential changes ?  Where to start ? You need to prioritize projects to best support strategies!


Once digitized, commercial processes are streamlined and indicators help your teams manage the business. In order to achieve this in the best way, you need to align views, team efforts, and processes across many functional / business entities and with your trading partners.

Strategic Alignment is eBizCase's approach to aligning company objectives, processes, people, strategies, projects  

Qualifying, assessing, highlighting all business processes while sustaining the company's value chain, selecting projects and putting a roadmap in place : that's the way to match strategic objectives and control operational constraints.

Developing the Processes is a crucial phase to pave a solid way ahead. When done collaboratively it eases deployment of projects

eBizCase has developed strategic alignment tools and practices that facilitate selection and prioritization of eBusiness / B2B digitization projects.  The approach engages all company staff / all participants contributing to innovation, new strategies, change of processes and associated projects. The approach ensures that the processes is relevant, makes sense for all stakeholders, and that it will be adopted and successfully implemented. 

Strategic Alignement and workshops: the decision making and planning approach ensure solid processes matching company strategies and operational models

3 étapes de la transformation e-BusinessIT expertise and project management: to digitize commercial processes you need to interconnect people and organizations with smart and high performing software

Projects require coordination of various stakeholders across organizations on both the supplier and customer sides. They call for business know-how and cutting-edge technological skills. They might generate resistance to change. You need to overcome these challenges.

Successful IT design & development, applications implemented and rolled-out at the desired pace, to capture exponential benefits

We can help you simplify Electronic Document Management, develop e-Commerce platforms, run any business web applications while maintaining Operational Excellence

We manage your e-Business projects starting with business analysis, specification of needs and application design. We bring business and IT expertise to deliver complete solutions that match both your and your trading partners' requirements. We leverage our experience to conduct these projects end-to-end.

Call us to design, implement and run eBusiness applications:
focus on your commercial targets and your core business

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